Are you Living Wild?

What does life look like when Living Wild? Are you experiencing new and exciting things? How often do you take a moment to just be present?

Escape for just a moment as I take you on a wild ride using my photos and stories from my thrilling and sometimes chilling wildlife encounters. As a wildlife advocate and storyteller, the life lessons I've learned through Living Wild will inspire you to become present, discover wonder, and take wild action. So, get ready for a visual experience!

Storytelling is the fastest way to connect with your soul.

With a passion for all creatures great and small, International Keynote Speaker Alicia brings you along as she recounts dramatic stories about the animals she encounters in Yellowstone National Park. Her stunning photos not only enhance the presentations, but make you feel as if you are actually there. Alicia inspires audiences to get outside to decompress, become present, and discover the benefits and joy that nature has to offer.

"Alicia's presentation captivated me. It was like watching a National Geographic TV show."

Amanda Jones, Express Litigation Services

"Alicia's narration is educational, entertaining and inspiring. Really enjoyed the presentation - it was almost like being there for a while."

Becky Whizgnat, Master Naturalist Volunteer

"I thoroughly enjoyed Alicia’s presentation. Her candid, heartfelt, knowledgeable, firsthand experiences ... were both interesting and exciting."

Anne Hiney, Photographer

"Alicia drew the audience in immediately. She made us feel as if we were with her!"

Karen Brag-Matthews, KBM Consulting

"Let me take you on a visual, magical ride through the oldest national park - Yellowstone!"

Alicia White, Motivational Keynote
International & Award-Winning Speaker


"Get outside. Discover joy in nature. It heals the heart."

~ Alicia White

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