Hey, there!

Thanks for checking out my site. I am Alicia White, aka Alicia in the Wild!

Nature has always been a part of my life. My mother - a true nature lover and Master Naturalist - taught me to love and appreciate all aspects of nature. We took joy in seeing dear and raccoons in the nearby parks and giggled with delight upon finding tiny bluets and spring beauties in our backyard in Arkansas.

In 2006, my amazing husband Rick took me to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. I had no idea at the time what I was going to experience but I can tell you now, it changed my life forever. I remember leaving Yellowstone on our last day feeling a lump in my throat and tears forming and crying out "I have to come back! Yellowstone stole my heart!!" Each year since then and sometimes twice, Rick has taken me back to my heart's home. Yellowstone has become the Reset Button for My Soul.™

Around 2012, I began a business working with business owners, entrepreneurs and speakers on their visual branding and providing strategies for successful speaking. Recognized as an industry leader, I enjoyed spending time on stages across the USA and virtually around the globe, co-authoring two best selling books, publishing my own book to help speakers, and winning awards.

In 2015, Rick and I moved to four acres in north Texas surrounded by trees and prairie land. Photographing wildflowers, birds and animals like armadillos, skunks and lizards quickly became a daily adventure in my own backyard.

For several years, I experienced an internal struggle, switching between the calls of nature and the work for clients. Finally, in 2020 I began listening to my heart – and my friends! So many friends and associates would ask, “When are you going to start speaking about wildlife? Sell your photos? Lead a retreat in Yellowstone." They knew long before I did that a career change was in order!

I look forward to sharing my wildlife encounters and nature adventures with you. The more I can talk about wildlife and their habitat, the more people can learn how to make a positive impact on this earth. If anything, I hope my stories inspire you to get outside and find happiness and peace on your own adventures!

See you on the outside!


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